Our Trips

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First things first
Do you currently run trips? No, sorry! :( The sea is too rough.
But: We will be back in August! :)

Whales and dolphin watching near the South Coast of Sri Lanka.

Note: We do NOT offer snorkelling or diving with the whales or dolphins as we do not want to involve in any activities which could disturb them.

Daily from end of July until end of April/early May. From end of July until October we only run trips if weather and sea conditions are sufficient. No trips in May and June (worst time of the monsoon). Currently we run trips.

Departure time
Our boat departs Mirissa harbour at 6:30 am. Check in is at 6:00 am in our office in Mirissa harbour.

Trip Duration
Trip duration varies daily, depending on where we find the whales and how far we have to go.  This means, our trips can take between 2 and 8 hours. We NEVER can tell how long it will be exactly. In average, the round trip takes 4-5 hours.

There is a very high chance to see whales during our tours (probability of 90 – 95%) and we will give our best to find them for you on every single day. However, on some days, even with our best efforts, it is impossible for us to show you the whales. In case of such an event we will refund half of the money.

The price for the trip is 6000 Sri Lankan Rupees per adult (all persons above 12 years of age). Kids below 6 years of age are free of charge, kids from 6 until 12 are half price (3000 Rupees). Pick up from anywhere in Mirissa is included as well as a fresh breakfast and water on the boat and all fees, taxes and insurance cost. We are not allowed to give any discounts (neither to individuals nor to groups) as the price for the tour is determined by the Whale Watching Community of Mirissa. Payment can be made in cash or with card (ATM card or credit card).

Please contact us to make a booking. Advanced bookings are highly recommended.

Please Note
The Indian Ocean is not a calm ocean. There is always at least a light swell. If you tend to get sea sick or if it is the first time for you on a boat in the Indian Ocean, we advise you to take seasick pills on the morning of the trip (about 1-2 hours BEFORE you enter the boat). You can find them in every pharmacy in Sri Lanka. The brand we use is Avomine.